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Greeting Card Collection’s main objective was to have a gorgeous, fast, responsive site, capable of providing examples of previous greeting cards. Because there was no need for the customer to design and purchase a greeting card on their own through the site, we were able to spend more time making the site feel incredible to use.

One of the exciting things we mastered while working on this site was the use of full-screen videos serving as a background. Throughout the site, many pages (including the home page) feature spectacular fullscreen, HD video which begin playing as soon as the customer arrives on the page. We needed to find a way to make these videos look awesome, whether they were being viewed on a mobile phone or a desktop computer.

Another challenge was the load time. Because we needed to load so many HD videos with the site, there was a danger of inadvertantly making it feel laggy and slow. We played around with methods of accessing the videos, trying different formats of organizing the code so as to make things move more quickly.

We are also in the process of creating an app which allows individual companies to create and personalize print greetings and e-cards.

The final result is something we couldn’t be more proud of. We developed a smooth, fast experience, even while using many videos and photos. If you would like to visit Greeting Card Collection’s site, please click the button below.