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When we started building Blue Sky Cards, we recognized pretty early on some of the challenges ahead of us. The site needed to be able to handle ecommerce, allowing customers to purchase many different types of cards. The goal was to create a site which made purchasing cards easy and fun, but at the same was durable enough to withstand great amounts of traffic.

One of the things we had the most fun with was the balance of fonts and colors. Throughout the site, customers would see cards with many different materials, sizes, colors and themes. Building a design that could complement all these very different styles and, at the same time, could hold its own over the years was a very exciting challenge. After working through countless fonts and colors, we landed on keeping it simple: clean whites, a nice light shade of gray, and a deep blue. The fonts would stay true to Blue Sky Card’s brand, remaining elegant and clean.

One of the needs of the site was the ability to personalize any card the customer wanted. Whether that was changing the color, adding a logo or inserting a message, an interface had to be created which could facilitate that process. This was difficult, mainly because we needed to create a dynamic visual representation of the card being created, and there was a seemingly endless variety of possibilites the customer could choose. After many hard afternoons spent fiddling around with various solutions, our team created the current interface, one which met the needs of Blue Sky Cards.

Another challenge we took up was the integration of video throughout the site. Short clips were placed in many different pages throughout Blue Sky Cards, immediately playing as soon as the customer arrives on the page. The use of video was a challenge for two reasons: quality and appearance on all devices. We simplified and decluttered the look of the site on smartphones, presenting a clean and easy to use mobile experience. Complicated menu structures were simplified in a dropdown menu, making navigation a breeze.

All in all, we couldn’t be happier with how Blue Sky Cards turned out. Through the design process our team learned new technologies, explored exciting video integration, and kept it light and easy on mobile phones. Feel free to visit the site by clicking the button below.