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From the start, we recognized that the infrastructure of Vitafive was going to require a lot of thought and care. As the main function of the site was to serve as an ecommerce powerhouse, we had to put a lot of design and attention into what went on behind the scenes. One of the first challenges was the subscription engine.

Because Vitafive was built on a subscription model, it was very important to create a secure, stable and quick system for customers to purchase Vitafive’s products. We incorporated several third-party API’s, each handling specific steps of the purchasing process. By connecting this complex group of software together, we ended up creating a more reliable purchasing process.

The site needed to be simple and fun, creating an ease of use for the customer, yet also had to have an exciting aspect of discovery to it. It was paramount for us that customers would experience joy and curiousity as they navigated the site. By working closely with the Vitafive team, we believe we have done just that. By putting our hearts and minds into every pixel, every shade of color that makes up Vitafive’s design, we have created something to be proud of.