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Redstone Foods was a fun site to redesign. It already had an infrastructure which allowed customers to purchase all kinds of food and items, from candy and pastries to jams and sodas, but was in need of a complete redesign. We took a lot of inspiration from the playful brand identity that Redstone Foods had developed, and prioritized creating a quirky, happy feel throughout the purchasing experience.

Many of the old heavy, industrial qualities of the old site were replaced with a youthful, vibrant accent. New animations were incorporated, such as the search bar in the top right corner of the site, which gave it life and a personality. A beautiful shade of light red was used generously throughout the design, keeping brand integrity. Photos were chosen which showcased the products Redstone Foods was selling.

We finished with a site that seemed to have a life and personality of its own. This was the goal all along, and we feel we have brought a new upbeat feel to the website and brand. If you would like to visit redstone foods, please click the button below.