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Expositor.fm was a whole new adventure. We were asked to create a website where people could listen to expository preaching anytime, anywhere. The content would be a combination of sermons and hymns, and would be populated and updated by us. Immediately we recognized a great challenge in making Expositor.fm: what was the easiest way we could create a radio station, keeping it filled with high-quality content 24/7?

We explored several options. Right away, the possibility of playing Expositor.fm through an actual radio station was taken off the table. In addition to the overall cost of purchasing the equipment necessary to create and license a radio station, it required the listener to have radio access whenever they wanted to hear Expositor.fm. We needed something light, inexpensive and easily-accessible.

The internet seemed like the natural approach. Using it, we could create a radio station with open-source technology, there was no paperwork or licenses required, and anyone with a smartphone could listen. Additionally, there were ads, and minimal overhead. After researching software options, we found a radio station engine which could be integrated into the design we had built for the website. Now people could listen to expository preaching through the internet.

More recently, we have developed a free iOS and Android app for expositor.fm. Anyone can download and listen to 24/7 expository preaching content through their smartphone, much easier and faster than through a browser.

Expositor.fm continues to excite us, even to this day. We learned how to get a radio station up and going, how to integrate it with a friendly and simple user interface, and how to develop a great app to compliment it. If you would like to visit Expositor.fm, feel free to click the button below.